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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VMWare View 4.6 - PC-over-IP Through View Security Broker(s) Ports needed


One of the most outstanding feature of the latest release for VMWare View 4.6 is the ability to support PC-over-IP protocol through the DMZ security brokers. I will have an upcoming blog that will detail the administration and operations of this feature, but if you are familiar with View connection brokers setup, it is pretty much the same. The operations is a bit tricky, but the main objective to to ensure the proper ports are opened in the DMZ so the connection can tunnel to the desktop accordingly

It is necessary to open up the Internet facing firewall for PCoIP to get the benefits of native AES-128 encrypted PCoIP performance over the WAN. This is TCP port 4172 in and UDP port 4172 in both directions. In gateway mode, when the Connection Server gives the destination IP address and port numbers for PCoIP to the View Client at desktop launch time, the addresses are for the Security Server and not the virtual desktop. This ensures all PCoIP communication is routed through the Security Server.

Plus, ensure ports 3389, 8009 and 4001 are open as well on the backend. Just do it!!!


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