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Friday, September 2, 2011

VMWare View 5.0 and VMWare AppBlaster is the real "Game Changer"

Overview - View 5.0

With the release of VMWare View 5.0, we finally have the long user profile management integrated into desktop virtualization. Administrators can embed departmental applications and configure custom settings for the virtual desktops, without the desktops taking up more space in storage.The next big feature in VMWare View 5.0, besides the overall performance enhancements in provisioning, is the ability to offer support for viewing three-dimensional visualization, paving the way for running high-end modeling applications, as well as for rendering the Windows 7 Aero interface.

In addition to updating View, VMware also updated a related piece of software for VDI environments, VMware Horizon, an application portal. The new version of the software can also deliver to users Windows-based applications, in addition to the cloud based applications the earlier version provided. The company has also released a version for mobile applications, VMware Horizon Mobile

This alone is a big game changer in the "VDI" technology space, however it only gets better.

Overview - VMWare AppBlaster

VMWare AppBlaster is not a hacked up, antiquated terminal servers application deliver tool that has multiple management consoles and 10 additional servers just to deliver applications to the end user. AppBlaster uses HTML 5 support browsers to seamlessly deliver any application to any device that support HTML 5. Someone finally got this right. I know I am partial to VMWare, but I am really partial to end user computing technology and an advocate to any technology that delivers technology that is MSRP (Manageable, Scalable, reproducable and Predictable), because at the end of the day my customers expect that and it all equates to innovation and $aving$ Check out the video from VMWorld.


There are several posts I need to get caught up on, but this one could not wait. Be looking for several blogs around DOs and DON'Ts with VMWare View 4.6, more Windows issues that impacts performance in large environments, my First View 5.0 production deployment and more success stories on VMWare View implementations over the past 6 months.

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