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Thursday, December 29, 2011

VMWare View 5.0 Composer Error while adding QuickPrep Users: "Error while adding the administrator. Please re-check your information"


During a couple of recent VMWare View 5.0 (will occur in 4.x as well) I came across an error when adding a "Quickprep" user to the Composer accounts through view manager: "Error while adding the administrator. Please re-check your information". I found very limited information concerning this error and validated the resolution from the VMWare KB article

Note: The connection server log is really not that informative as well, but I do suggest anyone that is involved in VMWare View deployments get familiar with generating vmware view log bundles for support from the View Brokers:

View Connection Manager->Start->VMWare->Generate View Connection Server Log....

Log Information from this error:

Error while adding the administrator. Please re-check your information com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.ViewFlexFactory$ViewProxy.invoke(SourceFile:87)
com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.common.FlexRemoteException: Error while adding the administrator. Please re-check your information
at com.vmware.vdi.admin.ui.bean.VCServerBean.addAdmin(SourceFile:500)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(


What I did realize is that the issue was mainly with the DNS resolution within the environment and with the latest Virtualization Migration, a couple of Domain Controllers were converted and dcpromo'ed out. When I ping'd and nslookup'd the domain, I noticed a couple of IP addresses of DC's that no longer exist. If anyone has not realized yet, on any VMWare View deployments, a solid windows Domain infrastructure is most important and mis-configurations that may "fly" in a non-virtualized desktop environments will not work well in VMWare View, Citrix Xen, etc...

The main problem is that the Virtual Center Composer and View Manager could resolve users and adding vCenter Servers, however the View composer component requires the user to be fully authenticated across each domain set and if there is a single DNS resolution failure of authentication controllers for the QuickPrep user, the user for QuickPrep will not be added with error noted in this post. The KB Article in this post from VMWare covers most of the issues that can cause this error as well, so please refer to that as well since.

I found the old domain controllers entries in the "Domain Controllers" OU's and Sites/Locations, then:

1) Removed the non-existent DC controllers entries manually.
2) Cleaned up DNS entrires all around.
3) Then re-synced the Domain
4) Went ahead restart the View Manager's and vCenter server with View Composer service (could have probably flushed, but went with clean restart)
5) Then added the Domain Administrator account to View Manager composer QuickPrep user


Again, the bottom line is to ensure proper domain administration and Virtualization in general is a great opportunity to "right" the "wrongs" of the past.

Hope this information was useful and please feel free to comment.


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