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Monday, June 11, 2012

VDI Next-Gen Solutions - Forget the past and move on!


The following article hits the main point of desktop and compute virtualization moving forward. The "old" traditional way to virtualize compute is changing and changing quickly. Companies must either adapt or go by the wayside. The days of the "Big Iron" approach is quickly becoming dinosaurs and companies on server refresh cycles are looking at innovative solutions.

Companies like Tintri, Atlantis and many others are spear heading the road to take over the Big Boys approach to virtualization. With VMWare as the underlying framework and others with solid virtual solutions, several intriguing opportunities are arising for startups. This is Moore's Law at it's best and companies can either adapt or step aside. My prediction is the next set of $10B companies are not common names today...

Refer to the great article below.


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