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Thursday, February 17, 2011

VMWare View 4.5 - Ensure Proper Timing on all Connection Brokers to Avoid JMS and AJP Service Failures


I have ran into several issues involved with View Messaging services JMS and AJP failing with a variety of issues. Today I noticed one of my View Connection Managers (4.5) stopped working due to AJP service stopped working. Error was "Event ID 104  - Failed to Fetch AJP Service".

The underlying cause seems everytime seems to be the affected server's clock source is skewed by more than an hour from the other View Connection Manager servers.


Ensure all your VM's are timing from the same source. Domain Controllers, NTP servers, etc... or change the setting in VMWare tools to "Sync with ESX Hosts" on each VM and ensure your ESX hosts are timed correctly. During View Manager installation procedures, the installation will fail if your clock sources are skewed, but that does not stop anyone from changing the source after the fact or the clock source is invalid.

If the View service fails, change the clock to the correct settings and you will need to restart the Windows server to ensure a clean start up of the View Manager services.

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