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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

VMWare View 4.5 Provisioning Failure - "LDAP Error code 51 .... problem 5001 (BUSY)"


Now that VMWare View Clusters are growing into the 100's+ (even 1000's+ in some cases), provisioning new desktops or re-composing existing desktop pools can cause issue with overloading your vCenter. I fully recommend having a dedicated vCenter for VDI Desktops and a dedicated vCenter for Servers, but that is for another day. I have observed this in vCenter clusters managing around 1000 VM's (200+ Servers and 700+ Desktops). All the VDI Desktops are Floating (non-persistenet) and refreshed after logoff, so pretty active cluster.

Other that that, overall perfromance is awesome. (yes, another post coming on observed performance with VMWare View 4.5)


If during provisioning of your View Environment, you receive the "LDAP error code 51...problem 5001 (BUSY)" error message, there are a couple of options to perform:

1) Change the setting in your View Desktop Pool "Stop Provisioing on Error", just uncheck the option. This will not stop the provisioing, but will generate an event; or
2) Reduce the number of concurrent Power on and Provisioing limits in View Manager Advanced settings for vCenter. Defaults are 8 and 5.

  • Cloning failure
The pool manager disables provisioning when it encounters an error when cloning a virtual machine. This error message is displayed in the desktop's overview page.  
The following two log messages indicate that the VirtualCenter has been overloaded. Try reducing the provisioning and power operation limits for that VirtualCenter in VDM:
LDAP: error code 51 - 0000200E: SvcErr: DSID-02080499, problem 5001 (BUSY)
No disk space: Insufficient disk space on datastore 'm81 sdb (1)
The following log messages indicate a connection problem. Make sure you can connect to the VDM Connection server/VirtualCenter server.
WARN  <PendingOperation-/flat-dc/vm/bignp2/bignp2-5> [ServiceConnection] Problem while performing VC operation: '(0)null' [org.apache.axis.AxisFault] Message: (0)null
WARN  <PendingOperation-/flat-dc/vm/bignp2/bignp2-2> [ServiceConnection] Problem while performing VC operation: ' Connection reset' [org.apache.axis.AxisFault] Message: ; nested exception is: Connection reset Cause: Connection reset
The following message means that VirtualCenter has been overloaded. Reduce the number of concurrent operations allowed for that VirtualCenter.
WARN  <PendingOperation-/flat-dc/vm/bignp2/bignp2-4> [ServiceConnection] Problem while performing VC operation: 'Permission to perform this operation was denied.' [com.vmware.vim.NoPermission]

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