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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Resolution for vSphere 4.1 Deploying .ovf and .ova template failures

No, your virtual appliance is not corrupt, so don't re-download 4 times and expect it to magically work in vSphere 4.1. I have seen a couple of issues around deploying .ovf and .ova templates in vSphere 4.1. There are a couple of options you can use.You can download and use the VMWare converter (or VM Workstation export/import) and import directly into the ESX host instead of vCenter, since this looks like a vCenter 4.1 issue or make sure SSL is enabled.

I had this problem with a VMWare appliance with vCenter 4.1 for an IP Tracking .ova file and had to do the following: (defaults may have changed in 4.1)

Enabling SSL:
To do so on vSphere4:  (Turned on by default in vSphere 4.1)
Go to the VI client
Administration->vCenter Server Settings -> SSL settings
mark the checkbox "vCenter requires verified host SSL certificates". You might be needing to reconnect your host(s) to the VC and provide user and password to the host(s) afterwards.

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