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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

VMWare View 4.5 Thinapp Configuration made easy

Now, this assumes you already have a workstation process setup for thinapp configuration. I am using a Windows 7 Pro 32bit VM. I snapshot the VM and revert back to clean everything off the image after I validated the installation. The only software installed on this image is VMWare Tools and a AV program.

There are 2 modes you can assign apps, Full installation or Streaming. I prefer Full mode with the .msi file since this is much quicker and is updated as needed. The streaming application can be a little slow, but works well also. The ThinApp can be assigned to a Pool or individual desktop.

Since VMware View 4.5 is available it is possible to integrate the usage and deployment of VMware ThinApp virtual applications into VMware View. Configuration can easily be done from VMware View Administrator management console by following three basic steps.
Before adding ThinApps to VMware View it is necessary to build an MSI file from your ThinApp Setup Capture files.

Step1 – Under View Configuration, go to ThinApp Configuration and choose “Add Repository…”. Add the network share where the ThinApp MSI files are located.

View4.5_ThinApp Configuration
Step2 – Under Inventory, go to ThinApps and choose “Scan New ThinApps…”. From here you can add all ThinApp virtual applications that you want to deliver to an end user.

Step3 – Click “Add Assignment” and select the desktop pool to publish the ThinApp virtual applications to. In addition it is also possible to select the desired installation type:
Streaming or Full.

View4.5_ThinApp Assignment

From now basic configuration is done!
After logon to your virtual desktop the ThinApp virtual applications will be available! It will even install while the user is logged in as well.

Also, if you would like streaming apps, you will need to set MSIStreaming=1 in your package.ini before you build. You can always rebuild if you miss this.

I will be working on a list of applications I was able to ThinApp as well.


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