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Thursday, November 18, 2010

vSphere Client Failure: Error (503) Service Unavailable

Ran into this today.

There is a potential race condition between ESX hosts and DNS servers after reboots, where the Web Service fails to start after ESX reboot in vSphere 4.x environments. This seems to be isolated to ESX not ESXi.

Basically, you will need to set the web accesss service to always retry upon failures by executing the following  "chkconfig" command on the ESX service console (as root). All good after this:)

[root@viewesx01]# chkconfig --level 3 vmware-webAccess on


  1. I believe this is the fix you're looking for.

  2. Cool. That seems to work better for 4.0 installs. I have not ran into this once on any 4.1 U1 installs.

  3. i removed all the network config e recreate it , after roboot the esxi and all connection trough vpshere or web works fine